X-Factor Series 7 Rewind: Storm vs Simon (Pt. 2)

Happy Anniversary  Four years ago today you took the first step toward your dream and turned it into your reality. Ly xxx


Harry and Jade on the Xfactor back in 2010

Little Mix - The Xtra Factor [x]

Title: Turn The World Around
Artist: James Arthur
Played: 48 times

Turn The World Around - James Arthur

April 08  ♥  4 notes

also who the heck is alesha dixon and why are people saying louis isn’t on the panel and david walliams is….uh…how about no i literally can’t imagine the show w/o louis and i don’t think david is right for it? no

geturbackoffthewall said: who do u think is going to be the fourth judge?? I’m thinking maybe olly but i’ve heard so many different rumours

omg i have no idea, there are literally 1000 different rumors ha….i think there’s a good chance it’ll be olly…but…who knows!?